about us

XR Tales is a production company focused on the development of cutting-edge AR’VR experiences, aiming for excellence and evolvement in technological and cinematographic development. With “XRT Andromeda” engine as our own customized development tool,  our strength relies on the generation of unique projects that stimulate in the user, in both visual and sensorial approaches, virtual experiences from fictional and real-world scenarios.


XRT Andromeda is a 10+ year development 3D suite that creates the new forefront for immersive technologies. It is an in-house engine created by CEO Francisco Barros with the aim of improving throughput time, not only without degrading the audiovisual quality of any kind of project, but taking it to a whole new level.


The main features of XRT Andromeda consist of a variety of elements, such as a build-in video and scene editor, animation kit, real-time chroma key streaming, last gen VR and AR interaction systems, binaural sound mixing editor, real-time rendering engine, machine learning for user experience, highly scalable systems, and components as UX feedback, FXs, facial and full body motion capture integration, hand-tracking technology, advanced physics engine multiplayer experiences and photogrammetry for life-like worlds and immersion, among others


Our objective is to bring everyone the experience of the hyper-realism of VR storytelling through productions that go beyond the traditional forms of entertainment, reaching all types of application fields: VR films, HD movies, motion capture, 3D content, software development, artificial intelligence services, VR collaborative projects, architecture, electronic modeling and simulation, sensorial experiences, interactive video mapping, drone capturing technologies, deep-learning for autonomous vehicles and particle based simulation technique for real-time visual effects.



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